Change your mindset, change your life.

Our brain’s pathways are capable of making new connections. While we can’t simply will chronic pain to disappear, we can rewire our brains. Neuroplasticity is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change.


We are not stuck in one patterned way of thinking or associating—no matter how ingrained it may seem. 


While pain pathways don’t disappear, we don’t have to travel them anymore: we can create new, pain-free circuits around the old ones. And, as with most things, practice makes perfect.


Waiting for the right ‘expert’ to make your pain stop is a passive approach that will keep your life small.


I believe you are the expert on your body and life, and I will support you to find your own unique solutions.  I will help you find strategies that get you to move. And I will teach you how to focus on your life, rather than your symptoms, even if you’re still experiencing pain.

It’s crucial that you get used to the idea that you’re not in danger. If your brain doesn’t receive safety cues, your nervous system will keep producing stress hormones, fuelling pain and inflammation in the body.


So many of us are stuck in old-school thinking which dictates that where there is pain, there is injury. But this is untrue. For many, chronic pain occurs without initial injury, taking the form of back and neck pain, migraines, nerve pain, pelvic floor pain, or IBS—to name just a few.


Ultimately, when we change our mindset, we change our story. Only you can retell your own cognitive narrative. After all, the relief is in the belief. The locus of control sits with you. My passion is guiding you on this journey.

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